Electric VAV Diffuser

Omnivent ceiling mouted VAV diffuser will save energy by suppling
the exactly requird air volume to rooms for ventilation, heating and air conditioning.

Precise air flow control according to space

Precision air volume control is achieved by using stepping motor operating via electric pulse signal which will provide the best comfortability of every different room spaces depending on the preference of occupants.

Which general diffuser can not stop airflow to the rooms, Omnivent VAV diffuser would save much energy by controlling supply air volume thru closing for umoccuping room, partially opening for partial occuping room of fully opening for fully occuping room.

Electricity saving of housing
Operating method House independant room independant
No. of family - 4 3 2
Electricity savings 0% 50% 63% 71%
Electricity saving of multiroom commercial buildings
Electricity savings 41.5%

Efficient maintenance and cost savings

As the diffuser itself is a driving part, a simy and clear visual inspection is possible for repair, replacement or guick spot checks without displace works from ceiling and interconnecting duct of skilled engineers resulting in low maintenance lost. Additionally saves initial instellation cost due to less not necessity of ceiling access door.

Existing diffuser air volume control using motorized damper requires diffuser, ceiling access door and damper Accordingly maintenance requireing disassemble of interconnectiong duct, motorized damper in the ceiling space thru allell doo will cost much money and difficulties.

Easy and easy removal and assembly